More Islip voters are registered as Republicans than any other Party. As a result, Republicans have a history of electing distinguished public servants who honorably and effectively served the people of Islip in all levels of government. Despite the enrollment advantage and history, the Republican Party has seen a steady decline in the number of Republicans elected over the last decade, culminating in the loss of Town Hall in November.

Republicans are increasingly electing democrats, reflecting a growing disconnect between the party and its members. The Republicans are at a crossroads. The majority party can accept the relegated role of the minority or it can right the course and recapture its role as the party of the majority. The future is in the hands of Islip Republicans and the future is now. This is not a time to point fingers or lay blame but come together to reach a consensus on the future.

Resolving this disconnect requires a reconnect of the formerly active, continued action of those that remain active, and an infusion of new blood. It is up to the Republicans of Islip.

Why get involved? Apathy is a malignancy to democracy. Community involvement is a cost of living in a democracy. The party needs citizens that get involved to foster the democratic process, to represent the neighborhoods in which they reside, and to see the communities’ needs met.

The call to service in the political process is as vital and honorable as any community service. The democratic process depends upon full participation. Failure to be involved allows a very small number of voters to control a process that should reflect the sentiment of the majority. As we send the men and women of our community to risk life and limb for our country, the few hours needed to participate in the political process seems an inconsequential cost of living in and defending democracy. To do any less dishonors those who have paid the ultimate price in defense of freedom.